Back     Parameters for Product description   Processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children (Rusks and biscuits which are to be used either directly or, after pulverization, with the addition of water, milk or other suitable liquids), Products ready for use    

#Parameter CostLab
1Aflatoxin B1 220,000/=Chemistry Lab
2Aflatoxin B1 (part of total aflatoxin) 0/=Chemistry Lab
3Arsenic (As) 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
4Ash insoluble in HCI 40,000/=Chemistry Lab
5Cadmium (Cd) 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
6Escherichia coli 27,500/=Micro Biology Lab
7Lead (Pb) 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
8Moisture content 40,000/=Chemistry Lab
9Salmonella 70,000/=Micro Biology Lab
10Total Aflatoxin 220,000/=Chemistry Lab
11Total ash 70,000/=Chemistry Lab
12Total coliforms 27,500/=Micro Biology Lab
Sub Total: 865,000/=
Laboratory Fee: 10,000/=
Total:UGX 875,000/=