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#Parameter CostLab
1Abnormal operation 18,000/=Electrical Lab
2Appliance classification 12,000/=Electrical Lab
3Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation 15,000/=Electrical Lab
4Components requirements check 12,000/=Electrical Lab
5Constructional requirements 21,000/=Electrical Lab
6Functional tests 15,000/=Electrical Lab
7Heating 18,000/=Electrical Lab
8Internal wirings 12,000/=Electrical Lab
9Leakage current and electric strength test 24,000/=Electrical Lab
10Marking and instructions requirements 18,000/=Electrical Lab
11Mechanical strength 18,000/=Electrical Lab
12Overload protection of associated transformers and accessories 18,000/=Electrical Lab
13Power input and current 21,000/=Electrical Lab
14Protection against access to live parts 21,000/=Electrical Lab
15Provision for earthing 18,000/=Electrical Lab
16Resistance to heat and fire 12,000/=Electrical Lab
17Resistance to rusting 12,000/=Electrical Lab
18Screws and connections 12,000/=Electrical Lab
19Stability and mechanical hazards 21,000/=Electrical Lab
20Supply connection and external flexible cords 15,000/=Electrical Lab
21Terminals for external conductors 12,000/=Electrical Lab
22Transient over voltages 15,000/=Electrical Lab
Sub Total: 360,000/=
Laboratory Fee: 10,000/=
Total:UGX 370,000/=