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#Parameter CostLab
1Acid insoluble ash on dry basis 30,000/=Chemistry Lab
2Arsenic (As) 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
3Cadmium (Cd) 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
4Escherichia coli 27,500/=Micro Biology Lab
5Lead (Pb) 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
6Moisture 40,000/=Chemistry Lab
7Ochratoxin A 220,000/=Chemistry Lab
8Pesticides Residues (Organochlorine, OCPs and Organophosphorus, OPPs): CODEX STAN VO 0051 - Peppers 190,000/=Chemistry Lab
9Salmonella 70,000/=Micro Biology Lab
10Staphylococcus aureus 60,000/=Micro Biology Lab
11Total aflatoxin 220,000/=Chemistry Lab
12Total ash on dry basis 70,000/=Chemistry Lab
13Total plate count 45,000/=Micro Biology Lab
14Yeast and moulds 50,000/=Micro Biology Lab
Sub Total: 1,172,500/=
Laboratory Fee: 10,000/=
Total:UGX 1,182,500/=