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#Parameter CostLab
1Battery performance aspects 9,000/=Electrical Lab
2Circuit efficiency aspects - battery-charging circuit efficiency 24,000/=Electrical Lab
3Electrical characteristics (for included appliances only) 24,000/=Electrical Lab
4Light output aspects 24,000/=Electrical Lab
5Performance aspects 12,000/=Electrical Lab
6Product design, manufacture and marketing aspects 12,000/=Electrical Lab
7Product durability and workmanship aspects 21,000/=Electrical Lab
8Self-certification aspects 6,000/=Electrical Lab
9Solar module aspects (for stand-alone kits with PV modules only) 30,000/=Electrical Lab
Sub Total: 162,000/=
Laboratory Fee: 10,000/=
Total:UGX 172,000/=