Back     Parameters for Product description   Fly ash used for cement and concrete — Physical and chemical property requirements of the fly ash for mixing mortar and concrete    

#Parameter CostLab
1Calcium sulfate hemihydrate content 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
2Density - Type F fly ash 20,000/=Materials Lab
3Free calcium oxide (f-CaO) mass fraction 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
4Stability (Le chatelier soundness test), - Type C fly ash 20,000/=Materials Lab
5Strength activity index - Type F fly ash 70,000/=Materials Lab
6Sulfur trioxide (SO3) mass fraction 50,000/=Chemistry Lab
7Water content, Type F fly ash 40,000/=Materials Lab
8Water Demand Ratio, 50,000/=Materials Lab
Sub Total: 350,000/=
Laboratory Fee: 10,000/=
Total:UGX 360,000/=